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Solar PV in Guttenberg

Solar PV in Guttenberg

The City of Guttenberg is committed to supporting alternative clean energy systems and technology. As part of that commitment, the City has assembled solar power information as it relates to planning, permitting, and education.  This information is provided to earn SolSmart  recognition for making it faster, easier, and more affordable for our Citizens to go solar. With the Clayton County Energy District  & Winneshiek Energy District  serving as our SolSmart Advisors the city is working to increase the efficiency of local processes related to solar development.

Solar Panel/Array Installation

To install a solar array, please complete the following steps:

  • Complete a building permit application (please see the FAQ section for additional information)
  • Complete a Guttenberg Municipal Utility (GMU) interconnect agreement.
  • Complete an electrical permit form and schedule an electrical inspection from the State of Iowa website
  • State of Iowa electrical inspectors will complete one electrical inspection at the completion of the project.

The State of Iowa is responsible for electrical permitting and inspections of Guttenberg's solar installations. Installations must comply with the Iowa building code. The State of Iowa will complete one electrical inspection at the completion of the project. No further inspections are required. In most cases, the solar contractor will coordinate the permit application and the timing of the State electrical inspection.

The GMU offers net metering.  If you produce more electricity than you use your utility account will be credited for the difference at the avoided cost.


Solar is currently allowed by-rights (city code of ordinances) as an accessory structure in all residential zones and is permitted as an accessory use in all other zones as accessory uses and structures customarily incidental to any principal permitted use. 

State and Federal Solar Incentives:


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