The City of Guttenberg's Municipal Cemetery is located at 214 Garber Rd.

Guttenberg's Cemetery Board is comprised of six (6) members that are appointed by Mayor and approved by City Council.  Also one (1) member from Jefferson Twp. that is appointed by the Cemetery Board and approved by City Council.  Currently the Cemetery Board has two (2) advisory members. Members serve a three (3) year term.
Current Members:

Pat Kuempel, Chairman       12/31/2022
Steve Bahls                             12/31/2021
Ed Rodenberg, V Chair        12/31/2021
Larry Borcherding                12/31/2022
Carla Ruegnitz                      12/31/2023
Janice Anderegg                    12/31/2023
Marie Torrey                         12/31/2022
Paul Kregel, Sexton
Bill Allyn, Advisory


Paul Kregel, Sexton
C/O City of Guttenberg
PO BOX 580
Guttenberg, IA 52052

Paul Kregel, Sexton
27641 Hwy 52
Guttenberg, IA  52052