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North Gazebo
North Gazebo
South Gazebo
South Gazebo
Park Band Shelter
Band Shelter
Big Springs Nature Park
Big Springs Nature Center


Guttenberg offers two miles of park and picnic area located along the banks of the Mississippi River. Many of the benches and tables have been donated by individuals in memory of family and friends.



Guttenberg's Band Shelter, North Gazebo and South Gazebo are available to reserve for gatherings.  Reservation forms must be submitted to City Office.  City Office will contact you to confirm the reservation request.



Reservation forms are available to download below.




Big Springs Nature Park is located along the National Scenic Byways Great River Road.  This is a quiet, hidden natural area that has been historically used as a recreation and picnic area.  This wooded area was purchased by the City of Guttenberg with the assistance of IA Natural Heritage Foundation, through a grant from IA REAP.  The area includes a coldwater spring and stream.  The coldwater stream that originates on the property cascades down a series of limestone bedrock features, creating a natural stair step effect.  The water's total vertical drop within the 11 acre parcel is over 100 feet. The IA DNR has identified this spring and stream as a closed aquatic ecosystem that provides a potentially unique study area for fish habitat, water quality and interpretation.