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Published 2013--

Guttenberg Germanfest has received national recognition for their annual festival by being nominated and awarded recognition as one of the TOP 10 EVENTS IN IOWA by Top Events USA and is now appearing on their webpage at  In addition, this link also leads to a full page news blog which will be a permanent part of the entire Top Events USA Blog Site.


Top Events USA showcases the best of the main events and festivals across America!  For anyone contemplating travel closer to home in the USA, or for visitors from all over the world looking for travel excitement in the USA, check out our lists of the top 20 events across the USA, the top events and festivals for each of the United States, special featured events in each state, and discover our lists of the best USA annual events and festivals by category or theme.


The goal of Top Events USA is to showcase the best of events.  Guttenberg Germanfest committee members are thrilled to learn of this recognition!  “We’re a small committee who all volunteer endless hours almost year-round coordinating the details of this festival.  It’s nice to have our efforts recognized.  We volunteer our time because we believe this event highlights all our historic/scenic town has to offer and brings a boost to the local businesses when the town is filled with activity,” say volunteers.  “None of this would be possible if it wasn’t for the support of our sponsors and event workers, so we are glad to do it and have been pleased with the growth and success the addition of many new elements added over the past 3 years.”   Germanfest has sustained 23 years and it will keep getting better every year!”


Guttenberg's 34th Annual Germanfest is September 20th and 21st, 2024. Be sure to visit Guttenberg's Germanfest   Facebook Page.