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Online Utility Account Access

Utility customers that would like to check your utility accounts online will now have that capability.  By creating a FrontDesk account you can view your utility account information, check your water and electric usage, have your utility account paid directly from a checking or savings account (a free service) or through a debit or credit card (service fees will be added) each month and elect to receive your utility bill through email. 

To set up a FrontDesk account you will need your most current utility bill (to verify information).  You will need to enter your utility account number as a 10 digit number (if it displays as a 9 digit number add a 0 to the beginning).  Your street address will need to be typed exactly as it is on your bill (ex: North First Street spelled out, no abbreviations).  It is recommended that you use the Chrome browser to set up your FrontDesk account.  If you have any questions about this program or encounter any issues setting up the account, please call City Hall at 563-252-1161 x 201 or stop by the office.